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We run workshops throughout the year both in person and online. 
Contact us to register your interest in future workshops. 
All workshops have flexible delivery options and can be offered singly or as a series.

Workshop Topics

Managing Your Stress Response

  • Learn about how your nervous system responds to stressful situations

  • Learn how to recognise your own stress response, physically, emotionally and mentally

  • Learn strategies to help regulate your body



  • What is self-compassion?

  • Why is it important

  • How we can use it in everyday life


‘Take Your Next Step'

Do you have goals related to weight, health, study, or exercise? Are you struggling to stay motivated, keep to a routine, or do what your GP or Physio prescribes? This program is for you!


We meet with you to create a series of short appointments designed to help you set clear goals, understand your blockers and learn ways to get motivated so you can reach that goal.


We talk about:

  • Setting goals with your values in mind

  • Understanding motivation

  • Addressing your barriers and thinking styles

  • Staying focused

  • Managing stress and looking after yourself

  • Planning and time management

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