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What We Do

Our Mission

Our aim is to help you improve your wellbeing, and build skills in managing life’s challenges, one step
at a time.

We value being:

  • Approachable and open

  • Authentic

  • Reliable and consistent

  • Honest and understanding

  • Collaborative

Our services can help you with a wide range of presenting issues. These might range from dealing with depression, anxiety, or stress; getting through a tough time in life; processing grief, or a loss or change that has had a big impact on your life; working through traumatic experiences; making difficult decisions; or simply improving a skill or goal you are already working towards.

We work with individual adults, children and adolescents aged 8 and over - both face-to-face and telehealth sessions are available. We accept:

  • Private bookings,

  • GP referrals including Medicare,

  • Victims Services  Counselling, and

  • NDIS self-managed and plan-managed referrals.

Our Approach

We focus on getting to know you and your situation, so that we can work with you to set your goals for therapy. We aim to offer a comfortable, inviting, friendly space where you can feel safe to be open and honest in sharing your story. Our treatment styles draw from a variety of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, to create a personalised treatment plan that fits for your needs and goals.

Outdoor Sessions

We know psychological support, physical movement, and being in nature are all helpful for our mental health. In an outdoor session, we combine all of these aspects. 

For some of us, sitting in an office and talking about our challenges can be confronting and overwhelming. Walking alongside a psychologist can be less daunting and can help you feel more comfortable to talk openly.

Our Services

We offer a range of services including Counselling, Assessments, EMDR, Animal Assisted Therapy, and workshops. More information about our services can be found here.

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